Laptop Processor Technology

AMD Mobile Processors

The two leading laptop processor manufacturers are AMD and Intel. Wide range of processors are available from both manufacturers to suit various needs, from the very basic to high end graphics and multimedia usage. Intelís latest mobile offering is the Intel Pentium M processor with Centrino technology. AMD have come up with the 64bit architecture, Mobile AMD Athlon 64. Both companies are manufacturing smaller and lighter processors. The architecture is based on 90nm process technology, 130nm (0.13-micron) being the standard used so far in process technology.

Intel Pentium M Processor

Mobile processors have integrated wireless connectivity, allowing notebooks to connect to 802.11 a,b and g based networks. Another key development is low voltage and ultra-low voltage for power efficiency. There are several Other technologies offered by both AMD and Intel, some of the main ones are listed below. These enhance performance and a time saving by running faster and loading applications faster. Thereby producing a power saving and prolonging the battery life.

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